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Drawing of a digital cloud with tech giant logos sticking out. Watching people on phones and computers. Technology drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Di00277 Download Technology giants watching users illustration

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Tech Giants watching people on computers and phones

Question about who is watching who when we are watching screens

The tech giants pays the bill and let us in for free. And somehow they become extremely powerful and all knowing through this.

Very few of us understand why and how the information they collect and store about us, and our relationships, habits, positions, moods, preferences, networks, jobs and so on... what all this can be used for.

But we are starting to understand that the screens and artificial intelligence and cloud-based servers behind them watch us at least as much as we watch them...

Keywords: artificial intelligence, AI, cloud computing, reality, surveillance, technology, computers, internet, landscapes of understanding, screenlife, phones, apps, downloadillustration, intdg 

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