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Drawing of a man holding his smartphone walking with a kid in nature. Technology illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt

Di00286 Download Connecting to digital reality vs nature illustration

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Phones vs Nature drawing

Many of us wish we could, know we should and hope we can spend more time outdoors in nature and with our kids. But for most of us we just doesn't walk in that direction

Even in the woods we feel we need to look at our phones... To get things of our minds, to check the direction and GPS position, and to share the great moments we have and beautiful landscapes we pass through.

But also to make sure we make it home in time and that we have activated the alarm, locked the car, put on heating and answered the invitation...

The phone in our hand too often get the most attention.

Not because we want it that way, wonder if it is because it want it that way?

Keywords: parenting, kid, children, upbringing, nature, hiking, social media, phone, digital technology, computers, internet, landscapes of understanding,, apps, downloadillustration, intdg

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